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All music distributed by Hal Leonard /

"Me and My Clarinet"

Discover a world of musical possibilities with our short, engaging compositions for clarinet and piano. These educational and challenging pieces are not only pleasant to listen to but also enjoyable to play. Furthermore, we provide the piano accompaniment on YouTube, making practicing and performing even more accessible. Explore this brand new edition today and be inspired by the beautiful sounds you can create.

"Me and My Friends Volume 1 and 2"! These 7 brand new works are designed for a variety of ensembles in our flexible 4-series. Explore a collection of enchanting musical pieces, composed by Filip Ceunen, Kevin Houben, Timothy Pedone, and Roel Laethem. Each composition embodies a unique world of sound and rhythm, inspired by various styles and genres.

cover LEGEND altsax wind band
a future celebration wind band.jpg
COVER Dance into the sun wind band 229x305 backZW.jpg
SCORE Field of Deliberation format wind band 297x420.jpg
HBE 001-001 COVER Guardian Angels format wind band 297x420 backZW-.jpg
COVER WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN fanfare 229x305.jpg
JPEG brassband 210x297 when the lights.jpg


wind band


brass band

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